I Ching Empowerment 5/4/2020

“Fate can be shaped if its laws are known” Are you ready to empower yourself in understanding these laws? In these chaotic times, are you ready to learn how to re-shape fate?

An experience like no other awaits you as we access the profound and ancient knowledge of the I Ching and learn how to work with the vibrational energy patterns of the Tao. This powerful journey will allow you to understand both on a cognitive and soul level, how to resonate in harmony with these eternal rhythms and develop the skill of divination which can then be applied to any aspect of your life.

In this workshop, together and in sacred space, we will learn:

  • The history of I Ching
  • Using the drum to access energy and the great universal force through rhythm
  • How to ride the time wave of change!
  • Consulting the I Ching to gain clarity and empowerment

I am so excited to share this very special and powerful event with you. This process is easy for all levels of drummers and there will be plenty of time to practice as a group, as we drum out each person’s intention, resonating throughout all space and time.

Please bring your own drum if you have one or let me know if you need to borrow one. Everyone will leave with their own set of I Ching coins and instructions so you can integrate your new ability into your daily life.

Venue: Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

Date:  Sunday 5th April 2020

Time: 1000 hours to 1300 hours

Cost: £20

Telephone or text Heather on 07963 311728 to book your space