Forgiveness, 4/1/2019

Hello everyone. This is my first blog for 2019 and apologies for the lack of communication lately. We seem to be going from one crisis to another with hubby’s mouth cancer and the Yuletide was no exception. 

It seemed to me that there is so much in the media regarding New Year resolutions and getting fit and healthy but one thing that seems to be missing is Seeking Forgiveness. Speaking for myself, I need to go into this new year with a clean slate. I am going to attempt to put right what I might have done wrongly or ignorantly in the past and to also forgive all those who have wronged me either knowingly or unknowingly. I wish to thank Sally Morningstar for bringing Forgiveness to my attention. Synchronicity again, as the Waning Moon, which we have at the moment, is the perfect time to do this. 

I have also chosen Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorn Card – Forgive – It is a time to let go of anger or blame.

So tonight I shall be holding a Forgiveness Ceremony and I am extending an invitation to those of you who would like to take part. 

Wishing you a Peaceful New Year

Blessed Be