Bridgits Cross – The Morgens

I have really been battling with the recent WordPress changes and Spencer managed to upload photos for me and to publish my Imbolc blog. I wanted to add some narrative to the photos and have now managed to master the WordPress upgrades. So here goes.

This one I have named Morgen Thitis, pure white like the snowdrops and sparkles in the light
Here is another sparkly one, silver like Morgen Tyronoe
This one I have named Mazoe and like the others she sparkles in the light
And here we have Morgen La Fey, Lady of Avalon, Britannia

The crosses are available for £5 each and I will be holding a small Imbolc gathering on 1st February at 7 pm for those who would like to join me. The cost is £5.

Wishing you all warm Imbolc Blessings.

Blessed Be