The Void – card for the day 26/10/19

Along with “Red”, this is the other card that popped out.  Retreat, Rest, Pause. “Let there be light” .. and with those words creation sprang forth from darkness and propelled all of us on our eternal paths of discovery and enlightenment. You are now again at a time of great transformation and change, and this […]

11:11 2017 Stargate

Tomorrow is a special day. The 11:11 Stargate portal when energy is amplified, making this a highly magical and auspicious day for us all. And on the Wheel of the Year, it is a time of death, rebirth and transformation. So for me, tomorrow evening, I will be honouring the changes, deaths and rebirths that […]

Cornwall Guided Meditation Event

Join me as I take you on a journey to connect with and honour Yew Woman and the energies of the New Moon in November. A time of transformation and manifestation.     Location:                      Helston, Cornwall Date:                             Saturday 18th November 2017  10.30 am – 12.00 noon Cost:                              £10.00 Please bring a pen and paper with […]