When Dragonfly Shows Up

You all know that when a sign or symbol keeps showing up that I always check out the meaning. So when a Dragonfly showed up on our door and my friend Sue Bursey gave me a Dragonfly suncatcher

I thought I had better look up the meaning in my Animal Spirit Guide book.

“Be on the lookout for any falsehoods, deceit, or illusions that are clouding a current situation or relationship. You are being entirely too rational about everything and really need to tap in to your deeper emotions, whatever they may be.  This is a time when the magic and mystery of life is reawakening for you. It is important now to recharge your psychic energy which you can do by regularly meditating.  More than simply a change, you are going through a major transformation so enjoy the process!”

How spooky. My sister in law Kath, reminded me only last Friday to re-start my meditation to help with my stress. I had let it all slip with 24/7 nursing for Den, so Dragonfly is making me take notice.

Blessed Be