11:11 2017 Stargate

Tomorrow is a special day. The 11:11 Stargate portal when energy is amplified, making this a highly magical and auspicious day for us all. And on the Wheel of the Year, it is a time of death, rebirth and transformation.

So for me, tomorrow evening, I will be honouring the changes, deaths and rebirths that have occurred and to reflect back on the year that has passed and honour just how much I have changed, shifted and grown.

11:11 is abouting pointing you in the right direction and illuminating the path ahead. It’s about new beginnings and fresh starts. So I will be spending some time thinking about what I want to bring into my life. To think about the new things I wish to manifest and what new goals, dreams or wishes I want to create. What makes my heart sing!

I am happy to share more information, or if you want to join me at 7 pm tomorrow, just let me know.

Blessed Be