Oak Woman

I managed to snatch a quick walk on Sunday to connect with nature, while my son kept an eye on hubby. Oak Woman is always there for me and I find comfort in sitting in her cradle that she has created. I like to think, just for me. I find I can sit in her […]

Magic at the bottom of the garden

Being busy looking after Dennis with his triple bypass surgery and now with his cancer surgery, I have rather neglected the garden, but with Jamie at home yesterday I was able to spend some time outside. I was amazed to find beautiful fungii growing from a tree stump (I hasten to add the poor tree […]

Walking Meditation

As many of you know, I have been suffering from lower back pain and took the plunge to visit Mark at our local Osteopath. The root cause is my nervous system/stress (I wonder why?), so I took Mark’s advice and this morning went for a walk in nature at 6.15 am.  Many of you may […]