I stumbled across this herb accidentally on the internet and was amazed at its properties. I have Horehound in abundance in France and thought it was a weed as it grows like one all over my secret garden. I thought I would share with you the information I have found. They say that you can […]

Awesome Eclipse Energy

I thought I would send you all some information about this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer today that has been shared with me courtesy of Kari Samuels.  “We have an important month coming up.  The Sun governs how you project your consciousness into the world.  When there is a Solar Eclipse, the Moon (your […]

Magic at the bottom of the garden

Being busy looking after Dennis with his triple bypass surgery and now with his cancer surgery, I have rather neglected the garden, but with Jamie at home yesterday I was able to spend some time outside. I was amazed to find beautiful fungii growing from a tree stump (I hasten to add the poor tree […]