I stumbled across this herb accidentally on the internet and was amazed at its properties. I have Horehound in abundance in France and thought it was a weed as it grows like one all over my secret garden. I thought I would share with you the information I have found. They say that you can take it as a tea, but I would check out first, how much you can consume each day. Horehound contains: Marrubiin – which helps combats diabetes, reducing blood sugar levels and keeps them level in normal range and Apigenin – which has anti cancer properties.

Other areas it may help are: protecting immune system, arthritis, sore throats, colds,heals wounds, coughing due to irritation in the respiratory tract, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, helps break a fever through sweating, induces sweating which eliminates toxins in the body, intestinal worms, cramps, seizures, spasm related conditions, menstrual cramps, liver and gall bladder complaints, nausea due to disorder of inner ear, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids  and its natural antiseptic qualities clean up the gastro intestinal tract and improves function.

Also helps clear the mind and strengthens mental powers.  The herb is bound to Earth and Mercury and burned as incense, is believed to honour Horus the God of Sky and Light and to increase protection from evil forces.

Well, I will certainly be treating this herb with respect now.  Alan across the road has just finished another raised bed for me which I will be taking to France to erect. I plan to dedicate the small raised bed to Horehound and that way, will be able to keep it under control.