Unexpected Gifts

I was sooo pleased this week to have received a gift from my sister Ivy.  It was a beautiful Kimono that had been handed down to her from our Granny Murton (our father’s mother).  Synchronicity again, as the colour is blue which is Morgen Gliten’s colour on the wheel of the year at the moment. I don’t have many items from my family and to receive this was absolutely fabulous.  Ivy also sent me a photo of my Granny Murton alongside Nobby, my father’s horse. I never knew my Granny Nobes (my mother’s mother) as she died when my mother was a child and left her an orphan. However, I would like to know how old I was when Granny Murton died.


In addition to the Kimono, she sent me lots of photos of me as a child.  Most of them I am with adults and shying away from the camera, but two just caught my eye.  They were taken when I was unaware and brought back so many memories of playing and dancing with my elemental friends, 3 years old and not having a care in the world.

Thank you Ivy for these unexpected gifts and thank Goddess, I am now back in touch with my Wild Side!

Blessed Be