When Wren shows up

After a very disturbed night with hubby I went out early this morning to feed the birds. High up in the silver birch tree came the most beautiful song. It was Wren. I read somewhere that we often hear Wren but he rarely shows himself to anyone when he is singing and you are honoured […]

Our Fabulous Ambulance Service

  My heartfelt thanks go out to Monica and Phillip, two fabulous paramedics, who came to the rescue yesterday when I (for the first time) had to dial 999 for my husband Den. They were with us within 15 minutes. I was absolutely amazed at their efficiency, skill, knowledge and how they were able to […]

When Wren Shows Up

Two mornings now, before day break, when I have been conducting my Distance Reiki in my cabin, Wren has been singing her beautiful song to me in the Willow tree. It is also a coincidence that she flew into our conservatory one day last week, sat on my Queen of the Night, looked in at […]