When Wren Shows Up

Two mornings now, before day break, when I have been conducting my Distance Reiki in my cabin, Wren has been singing her beautiful song to me in the Willow tree. It is also a coincidence that she flew into our conservatory one day last week, sat on my Queen of the Night, looked in at my hubby, sang a beautiful song to him and then flew out of the window she had arrived in.

As you know, I always pay attention to my elemental friends and decided to research the internet and I thought I would share this with you.

“Wrens are sacred to our Earth Goddess. She represents a new period of incoming energy (11:11 Stargate?), increased activity and heightened alertness in mental, physical and emotional areas. Wren supports us with her ability to see into the dark recesses and extract what is needed. We may have several things going on at once and she will guide us in what is necessary through dreams and meditation. She shows us that our emotional journey includes joy and happiness. “You deserve it!”. It is time to lighten our heart with creative arts and spend time in nature to rejuvenate.  She shows balancing of timing of when to be aggressive and when to be subdued.  “Listen to your body”. Although she may not always be seen, her song speaks to the heart in order to sing your own wonderful song. She reminds us it is not the material items we gain, but the quality of relationships made along the way that enrich our lives. She gives us a message to branch out, expand our circle of contacts and step out of our habitual rounds in life.

Wren medicine – determination, strength, fortitude, resourcefulness and boldness.

She may be tiny but she packs a powerful message, encouraging us to go beyond the realm of the known and to access the adventure that waits for us!”

So for me she asks “Are you so wrapped up in work that you forget to sing?” and “Are you living life to the fullest”.

I leave you now for this morning’s Distance Reiki and to meditate on her message to me.

Blessed Be