December 2019 – Winter Solstice

I’ve just realised that I hadn’t posted the photos I took of our Winter Solstice. It was so peaceful and tranquil in the morning and its amazing, if you sit quiet in nature, what turns up! Our swans are back Where’s Veronica. I think the taxi took her away! There’s my coot.

The Meaning of Swallow

What a fabulous ceremony we had last night, 5/6/19 and thank you Tash from Drum Fun, for posting the lovely video of the event on Facebook. For those who couldn’t attend, Susan, Laura, Tash and I drummed past healing energy, followed by future healing energy to the boys who left Poole on 5/6/1944. Each year […]

Imbolc 1st February 2018

I can’t believe another year has turned on the wheel and we are fast approaching Imbolc. I have been able to make Bridgits crosses this year while I have been nursing Den in the afternoons. It seems as fast as I am making them, my friends and family are taking them which is fabulous. More […]