Seasonal Nature Journal – May 2020

All is busy, busy, busy out in nature. And the recent rain has washed the trees and shrubs down so they are in prestine colour. So a quick tour of the garden for the Journal. The cover photo is Hawthorn Woman. I thought it looked like a ready made posy. Clematis Montana Honesty and Wild […]

Seasonal Nature Journal – April 2020

Well we are all deep in lock down. But for me, I am taking the advice of Pam Gregory, and treating this as my organised Retreat, where I can go within and take time to appreciate nature. Today, while painting the fence down by our jetty, I saw my first Red Admiral of the year. […]

Spring is blossoming

Isn’t it wonderful my lovelies, to see all the energy and activity in nature at the moment. I thought I would share with you my first Avocado blossoms. I grew my Avocado tree from a stone from an Avo I bought and this is the first year she has blossomed. The blossoms actually have a […]