Seasonal Nature Journal – April 2020

Well we are all deep in lock down. But for me, I am taking the advice of Pam Gregory, and treating this as my organised Retreat, where I can go within and take time to appreciate nature. Today, while painting the fence down by our jetty, I saw my first Red Admiral of the year. Robin sang for me in the Willow tree and Bumble Bees were buzzing around me. The sky is blue and we have been experiencing some beautiful clear skies at night so we can see the moon, stars and planets more clearly than ever before. Wow!

I thought I would experiment with some videos in my Nature Journal.  The first one is my freshened up cold frame with vegetables and power plants really surging ahead with the Super Moon energy coming in.

Video One

Wednesday before I went to bed there were no lettuce seedlings.  In the morning, wow, they were popping up through the soil.

And here are a couple of photos of Sunflower and Borage seedlings. The power they have to push through the soil is amazing. Again nature making the most of the lunar energies.


And my last video, is me recording my freshly painted fence down by the jetty. The sound is not too good as it was very windy. But basically I was saying how blessed I am that I don’t have to go for walks, as I am custondian of this beautiful garden, which is infinite.

Video Two

Keep safe, keep well. Blessed Be