Seasonal Nature Journal – May 2020

All is busy, busy, busy out in nature. And the recent rain has washed the trees and shrubs down so they are in prestine colour. So a quick tour of the garden for the Journal. The cover photo is Hawthorn Woman. I thought it looked like a ready made posy.

Clematis Montana

Honesty and Wild Garlic

Lettuce coming on nicely. We had some for supper last night. They were meant for France, but hey ho, enjoying them here in lockdown.

My purple rose is flowering. I shall be collecting the petals ready for the 5 June.


And last but not least, Hawthorn Woman

On a less positive note, whilst walking to the port yesterday, I walked past some landscaping guys who were chain sawing a hedge down.  I had such a sinking feeling in my Solar Plexus. For one, it is a waxing moon so the sap is rising and secondly it’s the nesting season! I stopped.  One of the guys took off his ear defenders. I said to him, I hope that there are no nests in there.  He just looked at me blank and carried on. My heart went out to those baby birds that won’t make it this year.

Keep safe keep well