Birthday Girl Bubbles – 7/5/2020

Happy Birthday Bubbles. 8 today! Thought I would share a couple of photos with you all that I took about 6.30 am this morning. She just looked so sweet in amongst the wild garlic and honesty. When we were given Bubbles, we were told by the breeder that she had a “dicky ticker” and that […]

The meaning of 555

When I keep being given a sign I start to take notice. I was one of the many who probably woke up in the early hours of 8/4/2020 to watch the Super Moon in all her glory. I was blessed to receive many messages, one being the pentagram within the clouds. Well that is the […]

Super New Moon 28/9/19

I thought I would share with you a message I received from Kari Samuels. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals and put them outside in this powerful new moon. “Our lovely Libra New Moon is upon us! Our Sun and Moon will be meeting at 5 degrees Libra. We have LOTS of Libra today with […]