When Mercury Goes Retrograde

I suddenly realised why I had been feeling low and completely drained – as if I was surrounded by negativity – when Shamanic Willow explained to me that Mercury was in Retrograde and would be until 22nd December 2018. I know that many of you are feeling the same, so I thought I would do some research and share it with you.

Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods and rules our mind and all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, negotiating, selling and buying as well as important documents such as contracts and agreements. Mercury also rules transportation and codes, including computer codes. So when Mercury goes retrograde all these areas get scrambled or spin out of control. Look at it that Mercury is having a nap and so he can’t supervise all these areas and pandemonium ensues. So not a good time for things involving communications.

I for one, have experienced mixed up doctor’s appointments, 1hr 30 min appointment delays and mis-placed documents just to mention a few. And have you noticed the negativity out there especially on the roads? And this is supposed to be the Season of Good Will.

Well that’s the negative out of the way. On the positive, as Mercury rules our mind, this is a good time to reflect on any loose ends that need wrapping up before 2017 closes. Mercury in Retrograde will help us do this. Any nagging thoughts from the past or unresolved issues will be given the opportunity to be rehashed and released enabling us to bring closure to the year. It’s also about releasing and shedding any mental blocks that are preventing us from moving forward.

For me, I will be meditating, journalling and tidying up loose ends. Try it, you may feel empowered by this time of the year and not inconvenienced.

Blessed Be