Nature for the Little Ones

Since we have been in lock down, I have been so pleased to hear about our children re-connecting with nature. For example, my dear friend Susan’s grand daughter has been sowing vegetables in her garden. I felt so happy to be able to pass on my knowledge to her, with regard to working with the moon.  Using Mother Nature’s energies, rather than fighting against them. How the root vegetables have a better chance if sown at the time of the first week of the waning moon, and those above the ground, if sown now, during the waxing moon, tend to grow more quickly and stronger. The waning moon is also a good time for transplanting. For the benefit of the youngsters, the waxing moon is what we are experiencing now, when the moon is getting bigger, until it gets full and the waning moon is when the moon is growing smaller, until it becomes a new moon again. There are times when Mother Earth needs to rest and you can find these out on the internet. But those are the basics.

An easy way for children to actually experience this right from the beginning, is to pick up a few fir cones on their walks. Last year, I was allowed to collect some fir cones from my friends farm in Cornwall.  Mandy and David are expert dowsers and have a stone circle, ley lines and a healing well on their property. These particular fir cones have very strong energies. I put them in my conservatory to dry out, and during this lock down, they actually exploded with the heat we have been experiencing. I have already collected one harvest and these were sown at the previous waxing moon and were transplanted in the previous waning moon.

This photo is the second and last harvest I have collected, and these have now been sown during this waxing moon.

The cover photo are the fir cones that I collected, after harvesting the seeds.

If you watch the earth where you have planted the seeds, you will actually see the seeds pushing the earth up as they start to sprout.  It just shows the power and energy of nature. It is amazing to witness a little seed pushing its way up to the surface! And then becoming a beautiful fir tree!  I have completed this process a few times over the years, and have many fir trees growing big and strong at my lake in France. To actually assist a seed to become a healthy tree is such an honour.

Enjoy and please share with me your photos of your seedlings. I would love to see them.

Keep safe, keep well

ps “What are we going to do with all these trees when they grow” I hear the Mums and Dads ask. Well we can always plant them at my lake in France