Start of my Seasonal Nature Journal

First entry today 28th September 2019. Super New Moon in Libra. It would have been my 51st wedding anniversary with Den. Very windy again so much so that it had been blowing the rain clouds away, although now it’s raining. Still warm though. Sat near my favourite oak tree on a concrete storm drain. Water was trickling out. On my walk I found a brand new Fir cone on the grass.  I picked it up and thanked Fir tree and promised I would try to grow it’s babies as I have from the Fir cones from Mandy and David’s farm in Cornwall. I put bread on Mother Earth as an offering and the Crows circled and cawed asking me to move away so that they could feast. The starlings are back, swooping on the marshes.

Lots of mushrooms.

I saw Kingfisher yesterday morning in our creek and this morning I saw him again as he flew down from our Willow Tree. Lots of big fish in the creek too. Saw bumble bee today, battling against the wind to settle on the Michaelmass daisies for nectar. Loads of acorns around and Mountain Ash berries. Thank you Sally Morningstar for deepening my connection with Nature. I feel more plugged in – more alive.

Blessed Be