I Ching Drumming – Revealing the Truth

Well, I am getting brave.  My first attempt at a video blog thanks to Dean’s help. Couldn’t have done this without his training.

I have been watching Pam Gregory’s recent videos, and what she said, I felt, resonated so much with I Ching. “Essentially, the future is not yet fixed.  It’s not yet formed even.  There are just waves of potential, and we are co-creating with these waves of potential in every moment.”

In his book, Michael Drake says “Drumming the hexagram rhythms is a way of accessing both the past and the future by integrating them into the present moment”. It is only in the present moment that we can influence the future. This is all about empowerment. Getting our power back, so we don’t feel so helpless.  I did a similar exercise when the forest fires were raging in Australia. I felt I was doing something and that felt empowering and gave me positivity.

So many people have been saying to me, that in this moment in time, they just want to know what the truth is. There are so many conflicting stories out there and people are confused. So I felt compelled today, to consult the I Ching and to simply ask “What hexagram should we drum at this time in order for the truth to be revealed” and I was given this. The first hexagram, or present situation, is in Part One. The second hexagram, or the eventual development is in Part Two below.

Drumming the hexagram reminds me of Morse Code. In other words, a way of communication, but this time, it goes right out into the Universe. The hexagrams are made up of a Yang beat (which is one solid beat which I call DAH) and a Yin beat (two short beats much like the heart beat, which I call DIT DIT).  Each hexagram has 6 beats. It might sound complicated at first, but anyone can do this. You just need something to represent a drum (if you haven’t got a drum) and a beater of some sort. And most importantly, to hold the intention of “Reveal the Truth”.  As they say, “energy flows where attention goes”.

So in  Part One I am drumming DAH, DIT DIT, DAH, DIT DIT, DIT DIT, DAH. Then in  Part Two, I am drumming DAH, DIT DIT, DAH, DIT DIT, DAH, DAH

I hope you enjoy the videos, have a go at drumming along with me, and if you are interested in learning more, watch out for my future tutorials.

Keep safe, keep well