Conversations with the Super Conscious June 2022 Part 1

At a recent QHHT session I was asked to share this information with everyone.  The client will remain anonymous as the conversation was with her Super Conscious. For the purpose of this blog SC = Super Conscious and H = me

SC Duality is dying.     H Can you expand?

SC The soul is always reconnecting and she is part of a soul group in this life which goes back to Lemuria.  You know one another.  The spirit is always reconnecting. See it as sparks of light going out from one soul to another and brings that connection together.   H So sparks connecting and you know it?

SC Yes.  Sometimes a soul you’ve never been together before on earth but wherever you go, whatever universe, you will always make a soul connection.  Because you are all children of Source.  It’s a knowing.  The veil is very, very thin, now, because as your world rises up, other worlds will encase this world with their energy.  H Is it good energy?

SC Oh yes.  The beauty of creation is beyond human words.  All we can do is to try to give you simple pictures.  So imagine this world as a pebble that has sunk to the bottom of your oceans and a pocket of air comes underneath it and pushes it up to the surface.  This is what your world is doing.  But as it comes up to the surface it’s like a creative enery from another world has already gone through this process.  Comes and wraps all that love and all that knowledge and all that information and that wisdom and that clarity so your world will stay within that protective bubble.  Like a big brother or big sister who comes to help you and will stay there with you until you are strong enough to have the courage and the strength and knowing to say “I CAN DO THIS NOW”.  Your soul is never alone. Live in the moment and accept what comes to you.  Take each day as a moment and each day a new creation is happening for you.

Love and light