Positive thoughts

In this excerpt of Convoluted Universe I, Dolores Cannon talks with the Super Conscious about the power of positive thought.

D I’ve been taught that thoughts are very powerful and they can accomplish what you want.

SC Yes they can.  And that’s why you must be careful about negative thoughts because they are powerful too.  And they can help neutralise the positive thoughts.  So if you want your positive thoughts to come to pass, keep thinking positively about them.  Meditate intensely on them.  Do true visualisation. Are you familiar with that concept?

D Where you visualise it as already happened?

SC. Yes Or perhaps even picture it happening as if you were floating above and watching it.  And then afterwards picture all the positive changes that have come to pass as a result of it happening and how the world and your life would be after it has happened.

D I was taught to visualise it as already happening and to fill it with as much detail as possible.

SC Yes, exactly. Add dialogue, feelings and everything as if you were observing real life.  Remember the bigger the project is, sometimes the longer it will take because there are more channels that your thoughts must go through in order to have more pieces fall into place for it.