Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16/7/19

I discovered some interesting information on this upcoming event from Pam Gregory who also gives information about the other planets and how they will affect us. So I hope you will find this interesting.

“We see the collapse of the old order.  Patriarchy, political structures are not functioning.  The old paradigm is collapsing. We are all co-creators in the new future. We don’t need to be the victims. There will be an awareness of how our vibration actually creates our reality, that then ripples out to affect the world as well.  We are going to have to become Masters of that.  To co-create a new future going forward.  There is a lot of density, bit like a pressure cooker. So be aware of the news but don’t engage with negative emotion.  Try to keep a sense of detachment while being aware of the outside world.

The energies also encourage us to have a daily spiritual practice. Getting in touch with Source. Meditate. Sit in nature.  This time of inspiration, ideals, may make many of us decide to move abroad, to challenge belief systems or to have a different way of life. But also to feel a sense of oneness, connected to all beings.

But there is also hot, combustible energy too. A fiery time. Sudden quick angry words. Earthquakes. Just catch yourself. Don’t be too quick to be angry.  Always take a step back.  Take a breath from inflamed situations.

So we have Cancer/Capricorn and Mercury in Retrograde (until 2/8/19) and the Lunar Eclipse. A very activated time. What a mix. a time to go back over, Re-view, Re-write and time to make you think more deeply. Where we put our attention our energy follows, that is Universal law. Whatever we focus on we get more of it. So if your focus is on the drama, the negative, then you will get more. If your focus is on peace, love, joy, connecting to all beings then you get more of that. So we have to become disciplined Masters at this if we are going to create something wonderful not only in our lives but rippling out to the world.  We also have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron in retrograde too.  So you might have a sense of things dragging on in your life until the autumn. So it is helpful to go deeper and catch any details you might have missed. This mix brings intensity but afterwards it pushes us forwards or will make us jump back to our track with opportunities coming out of the blue just popping up from nowhere, so it can be very helpful.

The Lunar Eclipse is a south node eclipse.  Reinforces the message for us to let go of the old and shines a light on what you didn’t know before. Is the best time for us to let go of what no longer serves us. Can be a closure. Also about how we have handled power or the lack of power and makes us very aware of power and control in the world.  Makes us aware of habits, patterns including ingrained patterns and is a superb time to let them go. Write a letter, do ceremony, burn it, cast it off into the light of the lunar eclipse.  It is also a time of intense feelings and emotions. It’s revolutionary, people on the streets, uprising.  Eris is the Goddess of discord wants us to disrupt things in order to get to a higher state of being.   Eruptions on the streets, protestors (Eclipse energy can last for 6 months by the way).  Lunar eclipses are about endings, watersheds and crossroads in life. Making decisions. A pivotal point. People can start to move out of your life. Very powerful moments. There are big political divisions but it’s something deeper it’s about which paradigm are we endorsing. Is it important for us to connect to Mother Earth, love Her, nurture Her? That’s very Cancerian energy, very loving, motherly, nurturing energy, very fertile, our concern for Mother Earth. Whereas the Capricorn energy is all about business, out in the world, achieving. Where we put our energy now, is actually defining a split in the time line or which fork in the road are we going to take as individuals, and ultimately, pull some of the collective with us. Are we going to focus on the negative with density, drama and draw more of that in or are we going to keep our elevated emotions, keep our frequency high and attract more of that. Because that is a very different road for us and there is a sense that this split in the time line is happening now, and we have to make our choice and be very disciplined with our energy in terms of which way we are going to go.

Added to this mix we have the dynamic Pallas Athena. She brings something very good into the picture. She is wise, can see the bigger picture, she brings wisdom, she is very good at strategy and at diplomacy, rather than charging in straight away. She calms things down reducing any impulses, by applying mature wisdom to the situation.  She can soothe some egos too.

The full moon also reveals what wasn’t seen before.  We also have Venus. Love is the way forward. Love is the highest vibration. Love is always the solution.  Encourages us to think about our gentleness, our sensitivity, our kindness, empathy, connecting to all other living beings and having that sense of emotional connection. If they are in pain, feeling their pain, you feel it, I am with you, I am feeling this with you.  It has this tremendous sense of emotional connection. It has an instinctive understanding that vulnerable people need caring for, nurturing.  But this is also about connection to the Earth, of loving Mother Earth, nurturing Mother Earth.  So I really would encourage you to live in love and live at the highest level of frequency you can. Through your day check in, what’s my frequency, where am I at, am I beaming out love. Spend an hour in nature, every day, ground yourself in order to decompress dense energy.  Send love to the trees, send love to the bees and feel that love coming back to you.  You can dowse a tree to measure its aura, then send it love for a minute and then check it after and you will see it’s aura has doubled. Sending love to all beings. It really counts. It really matters. Be as self-sufficient as you can. Can you step back from the matrix? Can you operate day to day with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, accountability and wisdom? Are you walking your talk? Can you act as a leader? Can you keep the bar really high?  Can you be inwardly focussed rather than being externally plugged in to gadgets. Can you try to detach yourself from those and turn more of your attention inwards because that’s what is going to really count.

With all these challenges, if you are in the flow of life and if you are expressing your individual essence to the world any transit will work out well for you”.