The Magic of a Deer Sighting

I had an amazing drum healing last night from Tash and Cheryl and to make the evening even more special, when Cheryl and I went to our cars to leave, there was a Deer near my car. He stood there looked at me and then turned around and walked slowly back to the trees and then disappeared completely. It made me stop and stand in awe. I thought I would check out the meaning of when deer shows up and this is what I found.

“When you have a deer sighting, it’s as though the Universe wants you to stop what you’re doing and just be in the moment—quiet, contemplative, and thankful. The deer is first and foremost a reminder that you need to listen to your intuition.

A special message from someone in the spirit world. If you and someone who is no longer in the physical world share a love of this magnificent creature, it could certainly be that person’s way of letting you know that they’re always around.

The deer’s energy lets us see up close how strength and might can wrap themselves in grace and beauty. And while seemingly calm and relaxed eating buds from a tree, the deer is also ever alert and aware of his surroundings—listening for the slightest indication of danger. The deer is a master of camouflage and at becoming one with his surroundings. He follows his intuition and can sense danger. Unlike humans who sometimes write off what we feel intuitively, the deer never ignores his intuition. Instead, he lives by it. It gives him the split-second ability to assess his surroundings and quickly run to where it may be safer—without hesitation.

In many ancient myths and cultures, the deer is a symbol of great power, like the lion or the eagle. The stag, the leader, is the King of the Forest who protects other animals from harm. With each year, his crown of antlers grows larger, reaching closer towards the divine power of the universe. Therefore, the deer has the knowledge of both his surroundings in the forest as well as the higher power of the spirit world.

Many native North American tribes see the deer as a messenger of Spirit who represents sensitivity and intuition. Some tribes would dedicate their hunts to the deer, as he provided abundance and growth. If the tribes were well fed and clothed, they would thrive and be fertile. Therefore, the deer often symbolized fertility as well.

The Celts believed deer to be symbols of both the feminine and masculine. The female deer, called the hind, was believed to have access to the fairy kingdom and she had the ability to teach humans about spirituality. As male symbolism, the stag represented the forest and the element of earth. It is believed that this is where his reputation as the king of the forest who protects all creatures began.

The sighting of a deer gives you a glimpse not only into the beauty of nature but its connection to the Great Spirit.”

This sighting  confirmed to me what I had just experienced in my drum healing, which was highly emotional for me as it involved Den and I in a past life and to cap it all, we both share a love for this magnificent animal. How blessed I am. Thank you Tash and Cheryl. A very special evening.