Mercury Retrograde 7 – 31 July 2019

I hear of so many people at the moment who are suffering mayhem and mischief  which is probably due to Mercury being in retrograde. So I thought I would pass on some information that Kari Samuels has shared with me. Mercury goes retrograde every 88 days and happens 3 or 4 times a year. The next period will be Oct 31st (Samhain) to November 20th so put those dates in your diary so you can plan for this. Mercury appears to go backwards but it is just the fact that it is so fast moving. Rather than mayhem and mischief, you can have a positively magical time and I can help you navigate this to ensure you “go with the flow”.

Mercury governs your mind, so how you communicate and what you communicate with and also transportation. So this is the time to go back and Re-trace aspects of your mind that you have overlooked. The things you say “I’ll get to that later or I don’t have time to do that”. It is a perfect time to collect that information and deal with those projects that you keep sweeping under the carpet.  We seem to want to race ahead but the universe is trying to get us to go back and collect yourself and also the ways you communicate, your computer, appliances, car – are maybe not functioning at their best. So may be there is some intuitive information that you are overlooking that is important and this period allows you to Re-assess your intentions so after Mercury goes direct again, you can go forward with a broad new perspective with important information that you would have missed. Your mind is going to be different.

So take time out and Re-fuel. Go with the flow of energy. When you are rushing it is important that you pay attention.  So the don’ts. 1) Try not to sign contracts – don’t commit because during this period things can get overlooked. If you do have to commit, get someone else to check things over. 2) Try not to buy large purchases. Again try not to commit because when Mercury goes direct you may want to change your mind. 3) Things may break – this is usually because there was a problem in the first place and Mercury in retrograde just Re-veals something that was going to break. 4) Feeling exhausted – For example my writing – I just want to get it done. Don’t force things – the Universe is saying stop and Re-view what you have already done. So the energy is more inward, so be flexible.

So the Do’s – 1) Be flexible with yourself and people in your life. 2) Be present. Collect yourself. Gather your thoughts and feelings that you may have overlooked. It’s time to catch up. Collect information that is important to you. 3) Instead of trying to do more, be here and notice what you are feeling, thinking and observing.  Take more time to meditate to help you catch up with yourself.  We sometimes find we run on auto pilot. Perhaps Re-launch something you have shared with the world before. 4) Have a sense of humour. The Universe is hilarious. Don’t take life or yourself so seriously. Lighten up. Laugh. See what happens. It changes your chemistry.

So it’s all about anything RE. Re-flect, Re-vise, Re-pair, Re-generate, Re-create, Re-view. Re-lease any negative thoughts. Re-vise your writing and go back and edit it. (It’s going back stuff). It’s a wonderful time for healing, letting go of the past, Re-viewing the past so you can create your future. It can be so productive at this time. Take care of all those things that you have been meaning to do. Take more time for yourself and don’t push yourself. Try to Re-flect, Re-view and Re-juvinate your energy and Re-lease what doesn’t serve your Higher Self. It’s a Magical Time!

Blessed Be