Seasonal Nature Journal – November 2019

The storm is raging today. I hear whispers. “Are you afraid? Have you the courage to come out in the storm with me? Have you the courage to dance with me? To laugh with me ? To face me? Or are you going to run away?” So I took up her challenge – to face the full power of Mazoe as she stirred her cauldron. Her energy is strong today as I visit the beach. I can barely stand up at times with the gusts of wind and it is difficult to take photos. But I faced the storm. I danced and twirled in the storm. I laughed in the storm. Did I get wet? Yes. Did I get windswept? Yes. Was it worth it? YES!

She is envigorating. She is liberating. She is empowering. And in return, she shares with you her courage, her honesty, her strength, her wisdom and her seashore gifts. Thank you Mazoe.

The holly berries show us that Tyronoe is waiting in the wings, ready to bring her stillness.  The stillness between death and rebirth.

Blessed Be.