QHHT – Messages from the Super Consciousness (SC) 8/3/22

At the end of a QHHT session with a client I always ask if there is a parting message from the SC that they want to give to the client. At a recent session we were given more than expected.  I have permission to put this into a post.  H = me and SC = the client’s Super Consciousness.

H So her family all agreed to the plan, so is that what happens to all of us before we come here to earth. We all agree what roles we’re going to play?

SC Yes it’s decided at seats.  Sitting. Seated down.  It’s decided with the soul and what they need to know at that point and who must play that with them.  It’s a play!

H We both laugh. Yes we often hear that.  Some people say its a movie.

SC Yes that’s why we shouldn’t have too many tears.  Because it’s just a play.  We come in and we go out.  We come in and we go out.  It’s a play.

H A bit like what (J) said – she felt she was left on the stage.

SC Yes, Shakespeare understood.  And freedom is the most important.  Freedom is the most important thing for your soul.  To be true to yourself.  Then you are true to everybody and then everyone is free then.  Everybody is free when we are free and true to ourselves.

H So when you say everybody, who do you mean?

SC Everyone on the stage.  Everyone involved.

H So I have heard that what affects us on a personal level affects the collective consciousness, so are you saying therefore that freedom is important for everybody.

SC Freedom is one of the biggest gifts we can give each other.  Freedom to be ourselves and not be disconnected.  Discrimination and judgement are the cruellest things.  So we have to allow others to be free.  It can be any which way they express themselves.  As long as it’s the truth.  As long as they are truthfully expressing themselves then one is in touch with the Divine order.  Nothing can go wrong then.

H Because over the past 2/3 years we seem to have had our freedom taken away.

SC It will come back.  It will come back.  Like Christmas comes back.  We have to wait for it.

H Do you think what has happened will make people realise how precious freedom is?

SC Yes but they have a long way to go.  A lot of lessons to learn.  Humanity as a group.  It will take a while.  There’s a lot to learn.  But slowly but surely it is going the right way.  But we cannot see that.  We see blackness.  We see hopelessness, but the sun is always shining and the clouds will move.  Rain is good for the planet.  We need the rain. But we need sunshine too.

Love and light Heather