QHHT – The 3 Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth – Physical Affects as the Body Changes Part 1

At the Holistic Fair I attended in February I had a small accident with a beaker of water, which spilt over my stand and, what turned out to be, the last few chapters of Dolores Cannon’s book that was on the table.  During meditation I was guided to re-visit those pages and to get the information out.  So Physical Affects as the Body Changes Part 1 here we go!

D There are still people out there that need her aren’t there?

SC Right.  There are people that, minute to minute, you’re pulling over to the new world.  They’re almost in a holding pattern, but they’re pulled over and they’re waiting.  They’ll be waiting there to move forward.

D So N will never know who those people are, among those she comes in contact with.

SC No, nor will they.  She should always focus her energy on a sanction of all the energies of everyone on Earth to move forward.  And as each person increases their vibration, its a chain reaction and it resonates and bounces off the next person to the next, to the next.  Until it’s an entire huge crescendo that becomes the vibration of earth in total.  If everyone stopped doing what they’re doing, it would just become a dim hum.  But because we all go and move forward and were all working at our own pace, it just raises it higher and higher until it’s just going to disperse into the cosmos. So you cant really say not to do any work.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.

SC But I think the best thing that anyone could do is have a good intent.  Always express your willingness to help and never turn anyone away that comes to you.  Any lessons she needs to be learning now have to do with the karmic wheel and it’s going to be dispensed soon.  Once your vibration gets to a certain level you’re beyond the “Have to pay karma back” that’s why it’s not important to pursue questions about past lives.  So you could just feel guaranteed or rest assured that if you have awakened you will move into the new Earth.

SC The body’s designed to basically handle anything but the problem is with portion control and quantity.  The body is a miracle.

D They always emphasise smaller portions and several small meals during the day (they call grazing).  Eventually we will move into an all liquid diet. Then after we move to the New Earth, there is the possibility of not eating at all.  At that point we will be living off pure energy and light.

Love and light Heather