Gong and Piano at the Spire, Poole, 26th March 2022

Hi everyone.  At the Lighthouse Holistic Fair this year, I met lots of people who agreed to share any events etc with me and that I would put it into a blog and share with you all.  Here is the first one from Karen.

“Hi Heather, I hope ur keeping ok and enjoying the lighter mornings leading up to the equinox… i just thought I’d let u know about an event I’m doing on 26th March, just in case ur free n think u may enjoy it.
Also, if u feel it’s something that may go down well on ur Blog, that would be brilliant too.
It’s my friend Alex, who plays gong, hand pan, and singing bowls and me improvising on piano…. It’s something people may want to bring a yoga mat n blanket to, and just relax…. It’s early days as we’ve only done the one gig 2gether so far at a church in Glastonbury…. It went well, and as Alex was kind enough 2 organise that one ( he lives in Aberystwyth), here I am organising our second….
Take care then, n if I don’t see u soon, fingers crossed our paths will cross later in the year xxx love & best wishes x karen xx”

Love and light Heather