A Summary of an interview with Dr Zach Bush, MD

When I listened to the last 10 minutes of this interview, it brought me to tears.  I have summarised the important bits, as they apply to me. I have posted below, the link to the full interview. This is just the summary in Zach’s words.

“If there are crimes against humanity being exercised right now.  I don’t believe that it’s in a military lab.  I believe it’s in those ICUs of dying patients alone.  In what time in history have we decided that we need to enmask and let people die alone?  Marines are taught to never leave a soldier on the battlefield.  Marines will literally charge into machine gun fire and rocket fire to go grab that injured soldier so that they don’t die alone in enemy hands.  What level of fear have we induced in mankind that we are letting our revered elderly and our young people who are dying from these conditions, die alone?  It is worse than rocket fire.  It’s worse than this and we have generated that level of fear around a virus that looks to have a mortality similar to flu.  What are we doing with this tyranny of fear?  We are tearing apart the very fabric of what it means to be human.  There is an innate drive in us to stay connected. To stay in one another’s presence, to have fellowship with one another and if anything is a hallowed ground of spiritual environment it is the birthplace of a child and the birthplace of an elderly person about to transition to the other side.

Then at the moment of birth, suddenly you are in the light, the pressure is gone as we are out of the tunnel.  You see the beauty around you. The face of your mother, you can see the colours in her eyes.  The halo of colour around her hair.  Rainbows of colours, greens, blues. You can’t believe how beautiful the world is and then we go through a forgetting of the magic that we are alive right now and we forget that we are in an exquisite miracle of beauty every day.  And we are dumbed down into our existence.

And at the point of death, we go through the tunnel and then come out the other side and find that it is more beautiful, more bright than you could have ever imagined.  It’s so much prettier on the other side.  I am ready to go; I am ready to rebirth. I just found out I am fully accepted on the other side.  I am a beautiful creature of light energy. And I am excited to be there.

The danger that we have right now is not a virus, the danger that we have right now is that we have sterilised ourselves from death.  We have created sterility around the death moment which is ultimately our reason we’re here.   We are here for a transformative experience where we find out we are not biologic.  We are spiritual beings, we are light beings, we are spiritual beings trapped in a biologic shell for a moment and have learnt to fear all of that?  And for that we are missing the beauty of life. We are letting each other die alone out of fear of some genetic material that floats through the air and has since the beginning of time.  We have the wrong story going on. It is the human emotion of fear.  We are afraid of our own death which is our rebirth. We need to orient ourselves to life.  We need to celebrate life and stop fearing death.  And we will act much differently towards each other.  We don’t need a revolution we need an evolution. We need to evolve past our fear and we need to find love.  Love is an experience.  We need to find a new normal in these coming weeks.  Engage with the beauty, see the beauty everywhere. Act much differently. Love each other to realise a much different future.”