Queen of the Night


I thought I would share with you the last photo I have of my beloved familiar, Rocco,  with my Queen of the Night plant . Rocco passed on 31st August 2017 and I miss him terribly.

I have done some research on the internet and have found that Queen of the Night is a good luck plant and you are very fortunate in our life if your flower blooms once or twice a year. I am blessed to have had 60 to 80 flowers in the past 2 years and again she has amazed me by producing two blooms last night (in October!). Each flower blooms during the night with a beautiful musk like perfume and by the sunrise it dies.

It is connected with Grandmother Wisdom, Grandmothers and the Wise Women who share the knowledge of the changing cycles and seasons and offer the song of life to those who long to hear the Truth. Through the teachings of Grandmother Wisdom, we come to know the Moon and all Her cycles. She leads the way through the moonlit paths of our inner worlds, gently tugging at the veil of darkness.  She teaches us that every heart is filled with dreams, prayers, hopes and faith and that a graceful life is given to those who are grateful.

Her properties are – assisting women during the changing cycles of life, helping us to age gracefully, balancing one’s yin qualities by opening channels to the womanly gifts and secrets buried in the deep places of their psyches. She is protective, by repairing holes in the etheric subtle body and can help the immune system and normalise blood pressure. The astral and lower chakras are susceptible to absorbing negative influences and Queen of the Night helps clear this pollution and builds awareness of our power and freedom. I have made a Queen of the Night essence and spray my aura every morning.

When each bloom appears I sing to them. Queen of the Night, Lunar Light, Bathe my soul tonight, In virtue, truth and serenity, Let my heart be one with thee.

Queen of the Night comes to you today showering you with moonbeams of heavenly wisdom. You are crowned with her brilliant aura as she protects and overlights your journey into the great mystery. Blessed Be

Please contact me if you would like a cutting or dried flower