Full Moon in Aries 5th October 2017

Thursday 5th October 2017 is the first full moon after the Autumn Equinox (Mabon). Usually seen in September, this year it falls in October. This is quite rare as the last time was in 2009 and the next one will be 2020.  Referred to as the Harvest Moon, it was traditionally the start of the harvest season, when farmers would harvest their ripened crops. It is also known as the Blood Moon and this year at about 6.40 pm, we may see the famous orange/red glow on the horizon. Native Americans call this moon the Hunters Moon because it is the best time to hunt.

This Full Moon falls in Aries and is going to be very energising. If there are things that need attending to in your life, now is the time to use this powerful Full Moon energy to create solutions and overcome obstacles.  It is also a time to think about how you use your power. So use the Full Moon energy to focus on using your power from your heart rather than from your ego.

This Full Moon is also an obstacle crusher. Whatever obstacles are in your way, whatever is holding you back, this Full Moon will help you release them. But first you have to be willing to release any fears.  Fear in the human race is a major problem at the moment and this little ritual will help you when performed at this Full Moon.

I held a guided meditation last night to prepare our little group for the energy of the Full Moon.  I asked them to write down anything that was holding them back. Anything they wanted to release – fears, stuck energy etc. We then went outside, where I had prepared a little fire, and we ceremonially burnt our lists one by one. The smoke drifted up to Universe and Goddess and the ashes will be returned to Mother Earth. It was interesting to see the different colours of the flames. My paper had purple and black tinges (thank you Morgen La Fey). I also gave the group a personal October Full Moon Mandala.  When I complete a Mandala, I focus on my intentions, in this instance, releasing any fears.  For those who missed the meditation and who would like a Mandala, just drop me a line and I will get one to you.

And not forgetting our precious crystals! Don’t forget to cleanse them (I cleanse mine under running water, using intention to clear any negativity away) and then put them outside to soak up the Full Moon energy. Even if it is cloudy, the crystals will absorb the energy.

Full Moon Blessings


ps We are due to see comets from the Draco Constellation (Dragon) between 6th to 10th October. They appear in the early evening and peak on the 8th.  Happy Star Gazing!