Power of the Walnut Tree

In France, we are blessed with the most magnificent Walnut Tree. Sadly over the last 4 years he has not borne many nuts, so last year I decided to do some magic, by working out his vibration and matching it to the vibration of a crystal.  I buried the crystals around the Walnut Tree, my friend Celia put her crystals in the ground and we gave him lots of love and talking to and low and behold, he produced the goods this year, as you can see from the photo taken on my birthday.  On that morning, I collected 130 walnuts that had dropped during the night. What a birthday present! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.The nuts are now drying out indoors, ready for the winter for the red squirrels who live in the garden out there.
I have conducted a bit of research on Walnut and here is a summary of my findings.
Walnut Tree is protective – Visualise Walnut Tree surrounding you to protect you and carry a walnut for protection.
Walnut Tree is an expeller – Walnut has been used to expel parasites including spirit activity so planting a Walnut Tree around your property can help.
Walnut Tree and gratitude – Humans are quick to take without consideration and the Walnut Tree reminds us of the importance of honouring Mother Earth, harvesting that which is offered, but doing this in kindness, respect and care for Mother Earth.
Walnut Tree attributes – The Tree is considered masculine and associated with the elements of air, fire and Elves. Attributes are change, fertility, healing, inspiration, intentions, new perspectives, protection and wealth. Associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Leo and Virgo and the Celestial bodies of Jupiter and the Sun.
Walnut Tree and Magick – Use in ritual work, meditations, life transitions, initiations, manifesting intentions into the physical realm and weather magick. Walnuts provide us with access to Divine Energy. Use the oil to condition Wooden Wands and for healing and protection.
Doing this research has confirmed quite a few things for me. I have definitely felt my Walnut Tree was masculine and very protective. When collecting the Walnuts on my birthday I said thank you each time I picked one up and he responded to a hug and a kiss by dropping even more Walnuts for me! Al trees have a spirit and tapping into their attributes can be magical. Synchronicity again! On 10th October generous Jupiter moves into Scorpio. This shift encourages us all to turn inward and redirect our energy towards attuning with our deepest desires and take inventory of all the blessings we have harvested since last autumn (gratitude). Oh and last but not least, Elves are associated with Morgen Moronoe and it is her turn at the moment, on the Wheel of the Year.
Thank you Goddess for showing me the beauty in nature! Thank you Walnut Tree for your bountiful harvest and being there for me!
Blessed Be