Frog Totem Animal


Hi everyone. Yesterday morning as I was about to unlock my cabin for my morning meditation when I found a little frog on my doormat. He didn’t want to move, even when I opened the door. As you know, I take note of the signs and symbols around me and I thought I would share with you the meaning of frog, as detailed in Steven D Farmer’s book, Animal Spirit Guides.

When frog shows up it means, it will rain very soon. Do a physical cleanse to detoxify your body. Do an emotional cleanse by letting yourself really feel your emotions, and cry as much as you need to in order to clear and release any emotional toxicity.

Singing or chanting out loud will help you feel more balanced, at peace and connected to the divine.

You are entering into a time of plenty and abundance.

This is the start of a slow and steady transformational process for you, a movement from an old life to a new.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

Blessed Be