Love from your parents Unicorn Oracle Card

I was prompted this morning to re-visit my Doreen Virtue Unicorn Oracle cards after enjoying a fabulous afternoon on Sunday with friends where a little girl was wearing a beautiful Unicorn dress. So this morning I drew a card at random and thought I would share it with you.

Love from your parents – This card is telling you that your mother and father both love you, even though you may not always be able to feel their love. Everyone shows love in different ways – for example, some people show that they care through actions, such as giving you things or trying to help you. Other people express it through words that they say or write. If your mother and father show their love in ways you dont understand, you can talk to them about your feelings. The bond between parents and children can never be broken, no matter what. Even during times of anger, parents and children still love each other deep down. If you focus on this love, it grows even stronger and deeper. This love also helps everyone feel better and get along better. If your mother and father are angry with each other, you can still love them both equally. You dont need to take sides. Everyone has something good inside them, after all. God (Goddess) put love within every person. Your love toward both your mother and father is always deep and strong, even if you dont see one of your parents very much. Focus on whats good about your mother and father to help them – and you – be as loving as you can be.

Blessed Be