Honouring with Rose Petals

Tomorrow evening, 5th June 2019, I will be remembering those brave young men who left Poole Harbour 75 years ago, heading towards the Normandy beaches. I have visited Omaha Beach and the cemetery several times and each visit brings me to tears. I am always drawn to Bruno’s cross. Who he is, I do not know. I only know he died on 6th June 1944.

Each year at this time, I go to the end of our jetty and throw beautiful purple rose petals into the harbour as a mark of respect to the “boys”. One year I did my ceremony at Poole Quay and I can remember a little boy saying to his Grandad, “what is that lady doing with those rose petals”. The Grandad replied, “she is remembering those that left here to fight on the Normandy beaches”. I said to the little boy, “when you get the chance watch Saving Private Ryan and it might give you some idea of why I do this little ceremony”.

At the time of writing, my son Jamie is on his way to France with his friend PPJ who flies for Virgin Atlantic. They are taking part in the D- Day ceremonies out there. Not quite sure what, but I think its something to do with Dakotas and parachuting.

So, if any of you would like to join me tomorrow evening about 7.30 pm, there are plenty of rose petals (there is an absolute abundance this year) to go around and we can all honour the boys together and maybe even do some drumming!

Blessed Be