Wasp Totem Animal

I had this blog all prepared yesterday, but couldn’t post it because of computer problems. So it is a day late. Apologies.
What a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces last night. It certainly lived up to it’s name of Harvest Moon with a beautiful orange glow. I was blessed to see it over the harbour and reflected in the stillness of Holes Bay. What a picture! If only I could paint! May be one day.
This morning, as dawn was breaking, I collected my crystals from the garden and put them back in their special places. I noticed there was dew in the tray where they had been charging over night so I collected it, together with dew from the grass in the garden and have made 3 bottles of vibrational mother essence. I will charge the essence and the crystals this evening in quiet ceremony.
While I was soaking up the energy of the sun early this morning, I heard, what I thought was bees, buzzing. We must have a wasps nest nearby as one landed on my gate. I always take notice of all sentient beings and what messages they bring me, so I thought I would share with you Wasp’s message from the book, Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer.
“If wasp shows up it means, Whatever task is before you, jump in and go for it with enthusiasm and determination. Consider making a study of sacred geometry and how it applies to your life.  For the next few weeks, focus on fulfilling your responsibilities and personal obligations. Break out of your routine and do something that’s adventurous, unusual, and completely different from what you would ordinarily do.  Lead with your heart, not your mind. Whatever you’ve dreamed of doing, put some plans into action that will help you realise them.”
Yay. That’s certainly telling me something. Synchronicity once again, as hubby and I are venturing off in our motor caravan next week. Plans into action – I must start planning next year’s retreats in France and book the ferry crossings!.
Warm wishes to you all