The Power of the Drum France Retreat 14-16 June 2019

Hi everyone! As promised, details of our first Retreat this year inspired by my husband Den, who had a deep passion for drums, percussion and music.

The Retreat will be all about healing, drumming, recharging, taking time out for you and most of all, fun. None of the activities are compulsory, so you can do as little or as much as you like. We are so blessed with the location and the stunning scenery and energy it holds. We will be connecting with the land and the lake, and will be off-grid most of the time, celebrating our beautiful and precious Mother Earth in her natural state of being. There will be Drum Circles, Essence Making, a Water Ceremony at the Cascades, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Drum and Sound Healing, Firepit Drumming, Meditation, Forest Bathing, Chanting, Full Moon Drumming and Release Ceremony, Laughter Circle and Morgen La Fey Healing.

As the Wheel Turns we will also be honouring Morgen Gliten, Crow of Water and Guardian of the Sacred Springs and Wells at the beautiful Cascades.

There will be the options of camping or staying in the house. Home cooked meals included, with vegan options available. The Retreat starts on Friday 14th and concludes with lunch at noon on Sunday 16th. There is an option of coming over with us on Thursday 13th and leaving on Monday 17th, however let us know asap so we can book you a seat.

Meals and activities included. Energy exchange is Camping £185, Staying in the house £235 (travel not included)

For more information text Heather on 07963 311728 or contact via Facebook. Or contact Drum Fun With Natasha on Facebook.

Blessed Be