Love and Kindness

I have recently been practicising love and kindness meditation which is helping me get through tough times at the moment. I thought I would share this special moment. This morning I did an early shop at Asda (we are talking 6.15 am) mainly to get complan etc in order to build Den up for the start of his radio therapy next Monday. But I also bought a Golden Wedding anniversary card for Den as it is our 50th today.  The Asda ladies have been so kind to me always asking how Den is. But today was exceptional. As I was about to drive off 2 of the girls came rushing after me and gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers for our anniversary. What an act of caring and kindness. It brought me to tears but also restored my faith in the human race. There are caring people out there.

Thank you Poole Asda girls.  And thank you to Natasha Allen who volunteered to come all the way over to my house to get our Mitsubishi jump started. Love you all.

Blessed Be